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The Utilities sub-menu contains many useful tools for standard users and programmers.
When you start a tool, you may select the Vic-20 Ram configuration (including unexpanded mode or +3K if you want to start that utility in ROM, and unexpanded +3K / +8K / +16K or +32K+3K if you want to start that tool in RAM).  A suitable common memory configuration for each tool is preselected.
When a utility is started in RAM it can be made to work simultaneously with other utilities.  For example, you may wish to use both the Programmer's Aid and Super Expander utilities simultaneously (and perhaps also have HesMon and Disk Utility active in RAM locations $6000-$6FFF). Read this article in the Tips section for further information about combining utilities.

If you prefer, you can lock this sub-menu and always start the Mega-Cart from the Utilities menu instead of the normal Early Startup Menu.  Just hold the "3" key during boot for this purpose.  You can re-enable the normal startup menu by holding down the “0” (zero) key while booting.

In addition to common menu keys you may use these keys:


Goes to a Random item
Shows favorite/All items
Enter the Filter Screen
Set/Unset favorite
to Jumps to the first item in the current menu that starts with the selected letter

This is the full list of current Vic-20 utilities present on the Mega-Cart:

Memory location Information
Basic V4.0 ($A000-$AFFF) Basic 4.0 extension
Cassette Turbo ($A000-$AFFF) Tape accelerator
CBM-Command *   Disk Manager (No Vic Config, RAM only)
Disk Copier *   Disk copier and file images manager (No Vic Config, RAM only)
Disk Utility (manual) ($6000-$6FFF) X-Menu plus other useful utilities
Disk Utility (manual) ($A000-$AFFF) X-Menu plus other useful utilities
Easyload + Plus ($A000-$BFFF) 1541/1571/1581 Turboload, Wedge commands, FKEY macros
File Browser *   Program launcher with sd2iec drives support (No Vic Config)
Hes Mon ($A000-$AFFF) Machine language monitor
Household Finance   Plan your personal finances (No Vic Config, ROM only)
Hypra System (PAL ONLY) ($A000-$AFFF) 1541/1571 LOAD/SAVE Turbo-Disk
Mikro Assembler ($A000-$AFFF)
Assembler tool (ROM or RAM 32K +3K only)
Personal Finance   Plan your personal finances (No Vic Config, ROM only)
Pet Loader ($A000-$BFFF) PET emulator (40 column screen) (No Vic Config, RAM only)
Programmers Aid (manual) ($7000-$7FFF) BASIC programmer's utility
SpeedScript   Text editor (No Vic Config, RAM only)
Super Expander (manual) ($A000-$AFFF) BASIC extension with graphics and sound commands
Synthesound   A sound creation program (No Vic Config, ROM only)
Turbotape 2.0 ($A000-$A7FF) Tape accelerator. Turbosaved programs can be loaded without it.
Turtle Graphics ($A000-$BFFF) A Logo interpreter
Vic Forth 1.10 ($A000-$BFFF) Forth language for the Vic-20
Vic Music Composer ($A000-$BFFF) A music writing application
Vicmon (manual) ($6000-$6FFF) Machine language monitor
Vicmon (manual) ($B000-$BFFF) Machine language monitor
Vic-Tracker (manual)   Fully-featured tracker-style music editor (No Vic Config, RAM only)
VTE-40 ($A000-$AFFF) Terminal program (40 column screen)
Waterloo Basic+ (manual) ($A000-$AFFF) BASIC extension

* from revision 20 (November 2010).

 Total: 27 Utilities (rev.21).

Most of the links to user manuals are from zimmers, all other links are to Denial Wiki or other places.