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Other features

Custom character set
Custom Mega-Cart logo
Choice of 8 custom selections for MegaCart menu music
Ability to restart the last selected item
Favorite games/utilities
Addition of multiple  “Easter Eggs”
Auto start for all ROM images which were previously not auto start  (Scott Adams games)
All games categorized by:

  • Publisher
  • Game Category (multiple choices i.e. Shoot ‘em,  Adventure, Maze, etc)
  • System – PAL / NTSC / Both
  • Arcade – Yes / No / All
  • Paddles – Yes / No / All
  • Favorites – Yes / No / All
Game / Utility selections may be filtered in the display menu based on above selections.
Help screen that provides a brief explanation of each key’s function.
Boot keys to quickly access some special functions.
Service Menu to perform special activities or set particular options.