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The Mega-Cart project is based on a concept that originated during discussions with Centallica and other denial members at the WOC (World of Commodore) show in December 2006. This concept became a subject of discussion on "Denial" - the Internet forum devoted to Vic-20 topics.

Initially, the Mega-Cart (called Multi-cart in the early stages) was intended to allow a user to "just" run multiple Vic-20 ROM images from a single cartridge. The current design builds on that original concept and adds features and functions like memory expansion, for example.

An early prototype of the Mega-Cart without menu and ram expansion functions was demonstrated at a TPUG (Toronto Pet User Group) meeting by Brian Lyons "6502dude" on April 19, 2007. Later, a fully working prototype with menu but without memory expansion and preferences saving was shown at the C4 (Cincinnati Commodore Computer Club) 2007 expo by Leif "Schema" Bloomquist. At the ECCC (Emergency Chicagoland Commodore Convention) 2007 "Schema" showed an even more improved Mega-Cart - this time with the ability to save preferences, music and other features. Later that year, the Mega-Cart was demonstrated at  the WOC 2007 exposition.  Unfortunately, due to a malfunctioning Vic-20, only the main menu could be shown.

Finally, after a lot of work to develop new menu features, new music, a new PCB (that fits in a standard CBM cartridge case), a custom label, packaging and instruction sheet a final mock up was shown at WOC 2008.

You can see some of the Mega-Cart demonstrations that took place around the world and some pictures of the prototypes.