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Early Startup menu

The Early Startup menu is the Mega-Cart’s default menu. When you first use your Mega-Cart this menu should come up automatically.

The main function of the menu is to allow the user to select any Mega-Cart item.  Items are selected with a user controllable "selection" or "navigation" bar.  The Vic-20's function keys can be used to go to one of the special screens (Help / Filters / Extra / etc).  You can browse through the various menus and select items using either the Vic-20's cursor & RETURN keys or with an attached Joystick (FIRE button selects item).

If you have changed the default menu by previously booting with keys 1 to 6 depressed, you can re-enable the Early Startup menu by holding down the “0” (zero) key while booting.

The Early Startup menu displays a list of sub-menus:


CARTRIDGE GAMES Games originally produced in cartridge form
TAPE/DISK GAMES Games originally produced for tape or disk
UTILITIES Useful tools for your Vic-20
NORMAL RESET Start the Vic in various memory configurations
SOFT RESET (NO AUTO) Start the Vic in various memory configurations
(will not autostart a cartridge image in RAM)
LAST SELECTION Restart last selected item (Game / Utility / Vic-20 memory configuration, or anything else previously selected)

In addition to common menu keys you may also use these keys:


Extra Menu (Demos, Tunes, Games and other special treats)
Information (General information, current revision and Mega-Cart credits)

The Early Startup menu may contain up to 14 custom programs from any of the submenus CARTRIDGE GAMES, TAPE/DISK GAMES and UTILITIES (see below).


You can customize & manage the list of software that appears in the Early Startup Menu.  However, this can only be done if you have STANDARD NAVIGATION MODE enabled (see SERVICE MENU for more information on this mode).  Clicking on an item while in STANDARD NAVIGATION MODE will bring you to an information screen about that software title.  Here you have the option to start it (default choice), add it to the Early Startup Menu or delete it from that menu.

If you have the QUICK NAVIGATION MODE enabled you will not be able to manage custom items in this way, as QUICK NAVIGATION MODE immediately starts the item once the title is selected.   However, you may temporarily revert to the STANDARD NAVIGATION MODE from the SERVICE MENU and afterwards restore the QUICK NAVIGATION mode.

Note: If you have added a lot of items to the Early Startup menu, a short delay might occur before this menu appears.