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The Mega-Cart does not merely contain ALL Vic-20 games originally released in cartridge form.  It also contains many other high-quality games originally produced for tape or disk as well as some modern original works of Denial forum members!

The Cartridge sub-menu only lists the cartridge games contained in the Mega-Cart (and nothing else). If you prefer, you can lock this sub-menu and always start the Mega-Cart from the Cartridge menu instead of the normal Early Startup menu. Just hold the "1" key on boot for this purpose.  You can re-enable normal startup by holding down the “0” (zero) key while booting.

Full list of Cartridge games.
The Tape/Disk sub-menu contains many Vic-20 games originally distributed on tape or disk.  Of course these games now start directly from the Mega-Cart and do not require a disk-drive or Datassette.  Just select a game title and start it like a Cartridge game. In this menu we've also included some of the fantastic modern original Vic-20 games programmed by Denial forum members.

Full list of Tape/Disk games.

In addition to common menu keys you may use these keys:


Goes to a Random item
Shows favorite/All items
Enter the Filter Screen
Set/Unset favorite


Jumps to the first item that begins with the selected letter